Month: October 2016

Family Feud: Contesting a Will

Valuable estates can easily become war zones. The desire for land, possessions, or other assets can quickly sever family ties. Estates are typically distributed per the wishes of the deceased. But not always. There are cases when a court determines legitimate grounds exist to question a will’s validity. These contests, however, can trigger the beginning of a never-ending, bitter…

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Debt Limits for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Increase

In April 2016, the debt limits for Chapter 13 bankruptcy increased for people filing after that date. A bankruptcy attorney can explain qualification requirements and other restrictions that impact Chapter 13 bankruptcy filers.

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Settling An Estate Without A Will

Property that is not settled with a will or trust must either pass automatically to the heirs or be devised through probate. Probate is a legal process through which a will is accepted (or “probated”), or assets are devised to beneficiaries. Probate allows potential beneficiaries to submit claims to a person’s estate. Wills that are not contested avoid probate;…

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