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Hiring a Probate Lawyer in North Suburban, Illinois

Probate Lawyer

When navigating the complex realm of probate law, hiring a skilled North Suburban lawyer is invaluable. With expertise in probate and estate planning, Charles T. Newland & Associates is a trusted ally guiding you through these intricate legal procedures. Why Choose Charles T. Newland & Associates Our team at Charles T. Newland & Associates has a deep understanding of the probate…

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Hiring a Probate Attorney in North Suburban, Illinois: The Wise Choice

Probate Attorney

Charles T. Newland & Associates is a premier law firm located in North Suburban, Illinois. Our team of seasoned attorneys is adept in various areas of law, with a key focus on estate planning and probate matters. When the time comes to navigate the complex waters of probate, hiring a trusted North Suburban attorney should be your first step. Why…

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Why Hiring a Probate Administration Attorney in Lincolnshire, Illinois is Essential

Probate Administration Attorney in Lincolnshire

Discover the importance of hiring a probate administration attorney in Lincolnshire, Illinois, and the benefits of working with Charles T. Newland & Associates. When a loved one passes away, dealing with legal and financial matters can be overwhelming. One essential step is to navigate the probate process, which involves settling the deceased’s estate and distributing assets according to their…

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How Do You Start the Probate Process?

probate process

In order to begin the process that would lead to the closing of the estate and distribution of assets, you would need to open probate. This process can become complicated and may cause headaches for your family. Before probate can begin, you must locate the will that the deceased person left. Hopefully, the will was stored in a safe…

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Possible Complications During Probate

Lincolnshire Probate Attorney

There is a reason why attorneys will tell you to try to structure your estate to avoid probate if it is possible. Probate can be time-consuming, and things can happen that can delay it further. The major complication during probate is when there is a will contest. An interested party may challenge the validity of the will and claim…

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Do You Always Need to File for Probate?


Many families approach the probate process with some degree of trepidation, and with good reason. Probate can be a difficult process with its own challenges. Nevertheless, most estates will need to go through probate before the heirs can inherit assets. Probate is the court-supervised process where: The will is validated and authenticated Creditors are paid from the assets of…

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Reasons for Probate Litigation

The attorneys at Charles T Newland & Associates work with families on estate planning matters, and we can help if you run into difficulties such as litigation.

One of your family’s biggest nightmares is that a will could be challenged in the probate process. Will contests and other probate litigation take what could already be a difficult process and make it far worse. Here are some reasons for probate litigation. One of the most common reasons for probate litigation is the fact that someone has disputed…

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