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Common Reasons for Will Contests

Lincolnshire Probate Litigation Attorney

A family’s worst nightmare is when someone challenges a will. There may be reasons why a will can be considered invalid. The one certainty is that will contests can be emotional and unpleasant. Here are some common reasons for will contests. Lack of Testamentary Capacity The testator (person who makes the will) must be physically and mentally capable at…

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Who is a Beneficiary of an Estate?

Libertyville Estate Planning Attorney

Every estate has people who are legally entitled to receive the assets. These are the beneficiaries. Ideally, they are set forth in the will or estate plan that details how the property is to be distributed. It is up to you to review your own situation to decide who will be the beneficiaries. There are few limitations on who…

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Estate Planning FAQ

estate planning FAQ

Most people have a basic understanding of an estate plan, though they may have many questions about the specifics of the estate planning process. You should never hesitate to speak with an estate planning lawyer in Illinois about your individual situation, and the following are only a few of the questions we regularly answer. When is it time to…

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Getting Divorced? Address Your Estate Plan Today

Divorce can bring about many changes in your life. While you are adjusting to many changes, you should also address any changes that need to be made to your estate plan. When you were married, you likely intended for your spouse to receive the majority – if not all – of your assets and property. Usually, after a divorce,…

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Are You Considering Bankruptcy in the New Year?


As the end of the year approaches, many of us are making New Year’s resolutions, including losing weight or saving more money. For people struggling with overwhelming debt, one resolution may be to finally take control by filing for bankruptcy. If you are thinking about bankruptcy as a possible debt relief solution, you should consult with an experienced consumer…

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