estate plan

Probate is not an easy process in itself, even when family members have all the information that they need. There are administrative requirements and the potential for unforeseen hurdles. The process can be even more difficult when family members are taken by surprise by the contents of the will. These circumstances are when there may be costly and bitter will contests and other unforeseen surprises.

You are always better off when you discuss the contents of your estate plan with your family ahead of time. First, having a regular discussion now would head off future allegations that you did not have the capacity when you made the will. Second, it gives family members more time to accept the will and know that it reflects your wishes. They are less likely to challenge the will when they hear it from you personally.

We understand that these are not always easy discussions to have and that what you have to say may upset family members. However, taking the time to have the difficult conversations now can save your family hassles in the future. Will contests can tear a family apart permanently. While you are entitled to make your own choices with the estate plan, you should explain them now.

In addition, your family will be better prepared for the probate process. Creditors may come forward to make their claims, and it is better that your family is prepared, both in knowing about your estate and potential issues that may arise in probate.

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