Illinois probate attorney

After a loved one passes away, the last thing you want is to go through a complex legal process. However, in most situations, it is necessary to resolve a probate case before the deceased person’s estate can be distributed and closed. It is natural to wonder: how long does this generally take?

While no two probate cases are the same, the process in Illinois generally takes about six to twelve months. It is difficult to complete a case faster than six months due to certain requirements under the Illinois Probate Act. On the other hand, there are several factors that might lengthen a probate case significantly. These include:

  • There are numerous beneficiaries, including some who might be difficult to locate or who might have conflicting interests
  • If there is no will, there might be complications finding the right heirs
  • Having claims filed against the estate – especially when they are not valid and must be challenged
  • The estate involves particularly complex assets and property
  • The deceased individual was not particularly organized with their estate planning documents or information regarding assets, property, or liabilities
  • Someone contests the validity of the will or certain terms of the will

All of the above issues can cause delays, and contested estates can take a particularly long time to resolve. In order to prevent delays whenever possible, it is important to seek help from an Illinois probate administration attorney.

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