Lincolnshire, Il probate attorney

There is no legal requirement for a personal representative to hire a probate lawyer in Illinois. However, this should be something that you should almost always consider. Estates valued at over $100,000 or that have real estate must go through the probate process. By definition, this means that there will be some complexity. Probate itself can be a very technical process, and this is magnified the larger the estate with which you are dealing. If the estate is large enough to be in probate, you should have a lawyer.

In terms of timing, the best time to call a probate lawyer is as early as possible after your loved one has passed. This gives the attorney the time to prepare for the process. Here are some reasons when it is extremely important to call an attorney early in the process:

  • You are anticipating a will contest from one of the beneficiaries or another interested person
  • The deceased had a lot of creditors
  • The estate was large
  • There are complex assets in the estate

You Should Have a Probate Attorney

Nearly all estates will benefit from the help of an experienced attorney in probate. This is not a process where you want to have any delays. In addition, probate can be a stressful process. Giving an attorney time to work can give you more peace of mind that the estate will not be tied up any longer than necessary in probate. This can be a time-consuming process, so the earlier you start, the better. In Illinois, you have 30 days after death to file the will. This is why you cannot wait too long to call an attorney.

Lake County and Lincolnshire, IL Probate Attorneys Helping Families

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