probate attorney

After a person passes away, their estate must go through a process known as probate. During probate, any will the decedent left is proven, and the estate is administered. Some of the specific tasks that occur during probate include paying off debts and taxes, identifying the assets of the estate, and transferring assets to the appropriate parties.

There are many potential parties that can be involved in the probate process. Some examples include:

  • The beneficiaries of the estate
  • Those beneficiaries lawyers
  • The executor of the estate
  • Appraisers
  • Creditors

Importantly, anyone involved in the probate process has the right to retain an attorney to provide them with legal advice and representation. For example, if you are the executor of an estate that is going through probate, you can work with a lawyer to ensure that you are discharging your duties and responsibilities as you should. In fact, you can actually retain an attorney to handle the entire matter on your behalf, if you’d like.

If you are the beneficiary of an estate and suspect that you may be involved in a dispute with another party, it’s in your best interest to retain an attorney right away. Will and trust contests can be extremely legally complicated and personally acrimonious, and it’s highly advisable that you have a lawyer represent you. If you try and represent yourself, you could irreparably harm personal relationships or forfeit assets to which you are legally entitled.

Learn How a Probate Lawyer in Illinois Can Help

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