3 life events that should generate a revised will

Some Illinois residents believe that once they have drafted their last will and testament, they no longer have to worry about how their assets and property will be divided after they pass away. While this may be the true for some, many people will experience several significant changes throughout their lives that may prompt a will revision.

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Will bankruptcy ruin my credit rating?

  For Americans who are overwhelmed with financial debt, bankruptcy offers a way for people to gain a fresh financial start. Over one million Americans filed for bankruptcy in 2013, according to the U.S. Courts. While this option may not be ideal for every person suffering with extensive debt, it can transform the lives of others. Many people avoid…

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Medical debt leading cause of personal bankruptcy

When people think about bankruptcy filings, they commonly think about credit card debt, loans that can no longer be paid and frivolous spending habits, among other things. In some cases, these factors may contribute to people filing for bankruptcy in Illinois, and elsewhere. However, the Huffington Post reports that medical expenses are the number one reason why people file…

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Is it possible to avoid probate in Illinois?

An Illinois man retired to Florida after a successful career as a physician. However, according to the Miami Herald, he did not have much time to relax. His wealthy mother-in-law’s estate was left to lawyers and court-appointed guardians in the probate process. Her children became embattled, fighting over accounts and assets. The man started an organization regarding probate guardianship…

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Zombie titles and foreclosure: Are you a victim?

When homeowners embark on the bankruptcy process with the help of their Illinois bankruptcy lawyer, they often quickly pack up and move out of their home after receiving a foreclosure notice. When this occurs, many homeowners believe that their lender will take over the property. However, in some situations, the bank does not complete the process and the property’s…

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