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The primary purpose of drafting a will is to ensure that all of your property and other belongings pass on to the proper person(s) when you pass away. When it comes to drafting a proper will, it is important that you involve an experienced attorney in the process. This is because if a will is not drafted properly, one or more individuals might contest it, and the will could ultimately be deemed invalid by a court of law.

The Illinois probate lawyers at Charles T. Newland & Associates can assist you with drafting a will that is both valid and enforceable. Please speak with us to find out more about how we could help you resolve your probate issue today.

How a Probate Attorney Could Help You

Having a valid and enforceable will in place helps to ensure that your property, belongings, and other assets are distributed to the right family members and others at the time of your death. An attorney could assist with the will drafting process in the following ways:

  • Ensuring that your will is properly drafted
  • Ensuring that your will is properly witnessed and executed by the proper parties
  • Making sure that the will satisfies your wishes and intentions with regard to your assets, property, and other belongings

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Having a skilled probate attorney involved in the process early on can help to avoid major problems down the road. The skilled team of attorneys at Charles T. Newland & Associates can help you draft your will and ensure that your assets are passed on to the proper individuals or entities when you pass away.

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