A will is an important document because it ensures that your final wishes regarding your property, assets, and other belongings are carried out. However, there are several situations where a person’s last will and testament could be deemed invalid.

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Situations Where a Person’s Will Might be Declared Invalid

There are several scenarios where a person’s will might be rendered invalid. Those situations include the following:

  • A previous will had not been destroyed prior to drafting a new will.
  • The will was not properly witnessed, signed, or notarized by the appropriate parties.
  • The testator (the person making the will) did not have the sufficient mental competence to draft a valid will, possibly because of dementia or another temporary or long-term mental impairment. This refers to mental capacity at the time they signed the will, not before or after the fact.
  • There was some type of fraud or undue influence involved in creating the will, and the will does not represent the true intent of the testator.

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